Thursday, February 7, 2013

Be Back This Summer...I Need to Recharge!

So I started my Blog eight months ago and I have not published for seven of those months. I bit off more than I could chew. I have been in a full time job, taking a night class for printmaking for two nights a week, being part of a ceramics studio, making and selling art, and trying to have a husband and a social life!

I am too tired to be creative lately let alone maintain a blog!  I am taking some time to recharge and especially recharge my creative energies!  So this is what I am saying right now and I plan to be back by summer. 
When I return I will publish my long time pending interview with the wonderful Eric Rewitzer of San Francisco’s 3 Fish Studio. I have set a goal of working on my illustrations especially when it comes to the human figure and face, and I want to publish some of the items I have finished off of my list of artist goals from a prior post and discuss some of the great clay workshops I have participated in. Also I need to update my Etsy shop! Come back soon and check it out! 

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